Ánirnar: Cozy boathouse by the sea

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About this space

This is the perfect base for exploring the northern islands . This 50 m^2 apartment has a livingroom with a kitchen, two bedrooms and a small bathroom. There is a balcony to the seaside. You can enjoy the nature, the ocean and the mountains. Downstairs there is a washing machine, a dryer and a freezer. (Turn it on)
The apartment is located outside the town of Klaksvík about 5 km from centrum, in quiet and idyllic environment. If you open the windows, you can hear the nearby creek and the ocean.

The space

Downstairs, where you enter the boathouse there is fishermans boat. The apartment is upstairs. No one is going to use the boat while you are staying, unless we let the you know in advance.

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