Ánirnar: Amazing Sea and Mountain View

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About this space

Nice, spacious and super clean ground floor apartment near to the town of Klaksvík.

Enjoy every meal with an incredible view of the fjord and the surrounding mountains.

Our cosy apartment has everything you need, including coffee machine/microwave/stove/oven, TV and a comfortable double bed.

The apartment is close to the harbour and also you will hear the sounds from the flat above.

Notice that this accommodation is only for adults.

The space

Ánir lies about 3 km north of the northern isles’ capital Klaksvík on the west coast of Borðoy and was founded in 1840, as the increasing population demanded more land for cultivation. Facing the village is the southern tip of the island of Kunoy. The road through Ánir continues to Strond and then crosses the causeway to the island of Kunoy to continue to the villages of Haraldssund and Kunoy. High over the river is the entrance of a road tunnel to Árnafjørður and on to the island of Viðoy.

Guest access

Kitchen, living room, hall, bathroom, bedroom.

Other things to note

No place in the Faroe Islands is further than five kilometres from the ocean. Sailing is a fantastic way to experience the beautiful landscapes of the islands, offering completely different views compared to the ones from land.

One of the most well-known myths and tales in the Faroe Islands is that of “Kópakonan”, or the seal woman. Seals were believed to be former human beings who voluntarily sought death in the ocean. Once a year, on the Thirteenth night, they were allowed to come on land, strip off their skins and amuse themselves as human beings, dancing and enjoying themselves.

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