Avera – Vælvera v/ Duritu Joensen

Welcome to Avera, where beauty is an art and pampering is a way of life!

Indulge in the epitome of elegance with our exquisite range of services:

Waxing: Experience silky smooth skin like never before as our skilled professionals whisk away unwanted hair, leaving you feeling irresistibly soft and confident.

Nails: Transform your fingertips into a masterpiece with our luxurious nail treatments. From chic and classic to bold and trendy, we create nail designs that reflect your unique style.

Lashes & Brows: Frame your eyes with perfection. Our expert technicians will enhance your natural beauty with precision eyelash extensions and flawless brow shaping, ensuring every glance captivates.

Facial Treatments: Reveal your radiance with our rejuvenating facial treatments. Whether you seek hydration, purification, or anti-aging benefits, we tailor each experience to nourish your skin and restore its natural glow.

Massage: Embark on a journey of relaxation and renewal with our indulgent massage therapies. Let the stress of the day melt away as skilled hands soothe your body and soul, leaving you refreshed and invigorated.

At Avera, we believe in the transformative power of self-care. Step into our sanctuary of serenity and let us pamper you from head to toe. Because here, beauty isn’t just a service—it’s an experience.

Book your appointment today and discover the allure of Avera. Your journey to radiance begins here.

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Our opening hours may vary, ensuring flexibility to accommodate your schedule.

Booking your appointment is a breeze—simply reach out to us via messaging or give us a call at +298 221739.

We’re here to make your beauty experience seamless and tailored to your needs.

Get in touch today and let us bring your beauty dreams to life at Avera!



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